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Contesting A Will In Scotland - Disputed Grant of Confirmation in probate

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Scottish Contentious Will - No Win No Fee Claims

Contentious Will:
There are basically two types of solicitor you can call on in if you run into a problem concerning a will. Some Scottish solicitors are happy to go to court with a contentious will when necessary while others will never do it. It largely depends on where their experience and talents lie and the vast majority of probate solicitors in Scotland fall into the second group. If you do have a problem that needs solving and it looks like it could result in a contentious will court case, this could lead to a problem. If you have been seeing a non contentious solicitor regarding the will the chances of them happily going into court are quite remote.

Specialist Scottish Will Litigation Solicitors:
Changing solicitors at any point can be awkward and time consuming, but when the litigation solicitor that your case is passed to within the firm doesn't know very much about contentious will litigation, you would be right to be concerned. Of course there are solicitors in Scotland who will go through the whole process with you - dealing with the court issues as well as the rest of the non contentious process - but they are not easy to find. What's more you will naturally want to get the whole situation resolved as quickly as possible, rather than spending undue amounts of time searching for the person you need.

That's why we have taken great pains to find them for you. At a time when you don't need to be worrying about how to find the right person for your case, it is reassuring to know that all you need to do is pick up the phone to speak to one of our experts. They will be able to advise you on all aspects of your situation including both contentious and non contentious issues relating to wills and the initial consultation is completely free of charge.

Invalid Or Inadequate Wills:
There are many reasons why a will may end up leading to a court case in Scotland, but most cases boil down to the same few reasons. There are plenty of cases where the will has not been made properly; it may not have been signed in the proper way for example, or not witnessed in the right manner. It also occurs sometimes that the deceased did not include a dependent in the will. In these cases that person or persons may legally challenge the will in a court of law to ensure that they are granted a portion of the assets left behind by the deceased.

Lost Or Destroyed Wills:
There are occasions when a Scottish will has been lost or destroyed. It must be decided whether or not the will was simply lost or whether the deceased knowingly destroyed it as an act of revocation. There is often an element of doubt in these cases, which is why a court case is usually necessary. Those in favour of the original will being the binding one (assuming a copy is found) will not want another later will to be produced if that will cut them out as beneficiaries.

Free Legal Advice:
Our panel solicitors have years of experience in dealing with all matters concerning wills, contested wills and issues that arise both before and after someone's death. Contact us now to obtain free initial legal advice. If the matter goes to court our panel solicitors deal with contentious matters using the no win no fee scheme.